A picture of a little girl with caution tape over one eye. She is holding a sign that reads : please book me an eye exam soon.Every year children in Ontario lose the use of an eye due to undiagnosed problems.Only an eye doctor knows for sure.

Vision problems can affect their learning abilities, social development, self-esteem and hand eye coordination.

If not identified early, some problems can permanently reduce a child's vision.

Why does this happen?

  • The most common problems are hard to spot without formal tests.
  • Most parents do not realize how vital early eye checks are.
  • Most parents do not know that OHIP covers eye exams for children.
  • Many parents think glasses are too expensive.
  • Some parents perceive wearing glasses to be stigmatizing.
  • Some parents believe that glasses weaken eyes.
  • Family doctors and pediatricians have neither the knowledge nor the equipment to examine eyes.