Youth Safety

Youth Safety

Drug and Medication Safety

Some youth use drugs such as alcohol or prescription medications to deal with managing daily stress or pressures to perform well in sports or at school.  Parents can play a key part in teaching youth about substances. Talk about substances and their effects early, often and openly.

  • Store drugs and medications in safe place (includes alcohol, prescription and non-prescription medicines).
  • Keep track of all drugs in the home; includes alcohol, prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • Dispose of all unused or expired medications.

Parents can also teach and model healthy coping strategies with their teens such as:

  • Talking about concerns.
  • Eating well and planning regular exercise.
  • Learning to take time to relax and unwind; reading or listening to music.

Watch for missing medication and return unused medications to your pharmacy or at a pharmacy participating in the Ontario Medication Return Program. If you need to have prescription drugs at home, lock them up and check regularly.

The Link Ottawa has great information you can share with your teen on how to deal with stress



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