Sense of Agency

In the first 2 years of life, a few significant people matter to your child. This could be you, a partner, a grandparent, a childcare provider, or a close friend. These early attachments help your baby feel loved, secure and valued by their family and friends. They are the foundation for future relationships with others and their sense of agency. Sense of agency means as your child grows, they learn to make choices and decisions that can influence their environment. They learn “my opinion matters” and they develop a sense of identity, as they find their role in the family, community and culture.

Here are some tips

  • Know your child’s temperament and abilities, and help them develop the skills they need overtime.
  • Play with your baby or toddler so they develop the skills they need to influence their environment and learn to relate to you and others.
  • Let your child make simple choices each day, like what clothes to wear.
  • Teach your child some daily routines, such as making a snack together.

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