Routine Immunizations for Children

Routine Vaccination For Kids Vaccinated and up to date!
Where can my child get vaccinated?

Current situation

Thousands of children and youth under 18 years old in Ottawa are missing routine vaccinations that would protect them from diseases such as measles, polio, meningitis, and HPV. Vaccinations required for child care centres and schools should be kept up to date and are free.




Update your child's immunization record!

Providing immunization updates to OPH helps protect your child and the public in case there is ever an outbreak in our community. Doctors do not report your child's immunizations to OPH.

For children that live or attend school in Ottawa: You can update OPH using either the CANImmunize App or the Immunization Connect Ontario (ICON) Tool.

If your child does not live or attend school in Ottawa please visit your local public health unit’s website for immunization reporting information.


If you received an email notification from Ottawa Public Health that we were unable to process your Ontario Immunization ID Request/ Reset Form or Immunization Retrieval Request Form please visit our updating and retrieving immunizations page for assistance. 


Picture of Dr. Vera Etches

"There is a growing backlog of children who are not fully protected against diseases like measles and polio. These diseases have the potential to cause outbreaks in our community that could in themselves cause disruptions in school, work and recreation settings in years to come. We can make a difference now, by ensuring more children are protected by safe and effective vaccines."
- Dr. Vera Etches, Medical Officer of Health


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