Cooking Activities

Cooking Activities 

Find ways to include your child in the kitchen at any age on the How to get your Child Cooking page.

Simple teaching moments

While you are in the kitchen, at the dinner table or cleaning up after a meal, there are many learning opportunities to take advantage of.

  • Hygiene - wash hands before and after touching raw and ready-to-eat ingredients
  • Math - counting, dividing or doubling recipes, adding and subtracting
  • Reading - when they learn to read in grade 1, they can read the recipes with you and tell you which steps they would like to do
  • The science of cooking "what happens to things when you apply heat or cold"
  • Where food comes from - children don't always know where meals come from; they just see the meal served to them. Teach them where different foods come from by answering their questions. Where does meat come from? How does a cow become beef? What country do various vegetables and fruit come from? They will understand that before the grocery store, there are many steps for food to become available to us.

Here are some child friendly recipes with the skills they help build. Visit the EatRight Ontario to find more kid friendly award winning recipes.

Kids Pix Trail Mix

  • Cooking skill: measuring, mixing
  • Kitchen equipment: measuring cups, mixing spoon

Overnight Apple Pie Oatmeal

  • Cooking skill: measuring, mixing, dicing
  • Kitchen equipment: measuring cups, knife

Apple Blueberry Smoothie

  • Cooking skill: coring, peeling, chopping, measuring
  • Kitchen equipment: blender, knife, measuring cups, peeler

Awesome Mini Mushroom Omelettes

  • Cooking skill: slicing, chopping, grating, measuring, mixing, pouring
  • Kitchen equipment: stove top, oven, knife, measuring cups, grater

Green meatballs

  • Cooking skill: chopping, measuring, mashing
  • Kitchen equipment: knife, stove top, potato masher (or fork), oven

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